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International Market Intelligence Research

Acquiring the knowledge of international markets forms the foundation of a good international business plan. One cannot possibly layout a successful plan without first analyzing market data.

TapionExIm knows where to find the data essential  to develop a meaningful reports. Data such as demographics and how it relates to your goods and services, broken down by countries and sectors, taking into account socio-economic  conditions and so on. We will customize the research to your needs.

Our reports include data on the countries, the markets, the consumers and how they relate to your products and services. Once you have an international market intelligence research in hand, you will be in a position to fully understand the foreign marketplaces that would be of value to your business, as well as the competition that exists at research time for you to emphasize on your competitive advantage while entering those marketplaces.

The end results is that you will understand the market potential, its opportunities, challenges and issues, and be in a position to make a go no-go decision. You will have in hand all the necessary information to intelligently strategize in the market penetration, should you decide to move ahead.


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