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International Marketing Plan

As marketing deals with product, people, places, prices, it is unthinkable to apply a unique marketing strategy in every country. One would have to tweak its strategy to adapt to its targeted market.

Socio-economic factors are different  in every country which greatly influences the buying-power of consumers. This will have an impact on the pricing strategy.

Throwing the web into the mix provides consumers with many more options. Hence why everyone should pay a special attention to the elaboration of an international marketing plan.

Develop a strong international marketing plan demands a strong knowledge of the targeted market. This knowledge can be acquired through an International Intelligence Market Research.

TapionExIm will discuss your objectives upfront and be clear on your expectations. This is key to the plan and will drive its development. The International Market Intelligence Research is another critical input that will help forge the marketing plan.

Taking  these input as a starting  point, the International Marketing plan will then explore the “how” one would penetrate the market, and how you will need to work with other departments or agencies from your  country as well as the marketplaces importing authorities. As you are dealing with a different culture, this is not to be overlooked. It does not take much to prepare marketing or promotional material which, while perfectly genius in your country, may be an insult in some other countries. You will have to work with local people in order to develop an effective strategy.

TapionExIm will help you in all facts of the development of your international marketing plan so your are successful.


Your success is our success!