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International Customs Agencies

Importing/Exporting manufactured products, goods and services to/from Canada  may seem like an intimidating endeavour. And it can be if you are not well informed and supported. Because every situation is different, special attention needs to be given on a case by case basis. The country you are trading with and the manufactured products, goods and services you are trading will dictate which permit you need and which process you need to follow.

Not all manufactured products, goods and services can be imported/exported to/from Canada. Trading internationally involves laws, rules, regulations and the related complexity is administered by several stakeholders in different countries. That is why it is so important to talk to an expert and get guidance to maximize your chances of success and reduce headaches and stressful moments.

TapionExIm’s experts are there for that exact purpose: Guide you through the administrative maze of importing/exporting manufactured products, goods and services.

This section of our website focuses on border services and provides links to resources in this regard. Present in every country, border services will control the manufactured products, goods and services coming in and out of their territory.  Understanding what is allowed or not, what is covered by a trade bloc, the role of the different stakeholders, and more is key to your success.

Hopefully you will find in this section the information that you need to face your particular challenges.

And remember that you can ask TapionExim’s opinion at any time.  We will be please to assist you dealing with your international trade project.